3 Craps Strategies Every Gambler Must Know

There are various craps strategies when deciding to hit the craps tables at your favorite casino. These strategies include the Martingale System, the gamblers fallacy, and dice control. These are just a few of the many known strategies that players use, then again many use their own strategies and do not share in fear they will lose some of their edge.

Martingale System

The Martingale System is one of the best known systems in which the player starts their betting with $1.00 and doubles the bet each time he incurs a loss. Upon winning, all of the losses are recovered including the amount wagered on the winning bet. After the win, the player starts the betting over at $1.00.

Craps StrategiesGambler’s fallacy

This system focuses on the belief that the dice rolls in the past have an influence on future dice rolls. An example of this is that the player believes that he should bet on six if six has not appeared at all or has appeared a lot in the previous 20 rolls. The probability of landing a six in 20 rolls is 1/18.

Dice control

This is the strategy that some use to set the dice in a certain orientation and throw them in such as way that they don’t tumble randomly. The reasoning behind this is that the player believes this will increase their chances of achieving a certain number. What is interesting is that this free online craps strategy is mathematically possible, which is why some casinos have developed a rule requiring the dice to hit the back wall of the table. By hitting the back wall, controlled spins of the dice are thwarted. There have actually been players that have displayed successful dice control.

So if you are the type that succeeds in doubling bets on losses, guessing on the number of times a particular number has shown on the dice, or you have extreme control over the dice and its spins, these are strategies that you can use. It doesn’t hurt to exercise them once in a while, but just remember that true strategy lies in the betting.