Know Your Limits and Set a Bankroll Before Gambling

For most people casino gambling is a treat we offer ourselves once in a while. Some make traveling to Vegas a yearly trip, others are happy just to make it to their local casino. Whichever you choose, Vegas or local, gambling is more enjoyable when we manage our money good enough to get what is was we came for – recreation at the tables.
The first thing is being able to separate your gambling money from funds needed for other purposes. This decision needs to be made before you step foot in a casino and you need to stick to it. If you set aside fifty dollars for food, don’t spend it at the tables.

Set a Bankroll Before GamblingOnce you have decided how much you are allotting yourself for gambling, divide it into equal portions amounting to each fling at the table. Good money managers do this in advance and don’t mess around with their allotments during play. Players who do this, have more fun than a person who blows his entire gambling budget the first day and spends the remainder of his trip moping around.

This kind of money management, that will sustain your play for your entire visit rarely results in a big win. The player who is most likely to go home with the big win is the one who bets the entire wallet on the first baccarat hand or craps roll, doubling his money if he wins or heads to the airport if he loses. However, statistics show that the chances of complete capital loss increase the longer you gamble, so if you stay there for a long enough period of time, the casino wipes you out.

Unless you have an unlimited amount of money to gamble with, the only sensible way to gamble is to make a budget and stick to it. You can have just as much fun gambling with a $200 a day limit as you would with a $500 a day limit.